Permanent Recruitment

Finding their dream job is a goal for many personally; equally, finding the dream employee is something most business strive for. At IDPP, we know that it is possible to accomplish both!

Multiple Strategies

Our team is dedicated to matching those dream employees wherever they can. To obtain this goal, we have a wide range of strategies that are used to ensure that each permanent job role is filled with the very best candidate.

We use a combination of sources to find high-end professionals who are either actively looking or willing to make a move should the perfect position show itself:

  • our internal database, with over 250,000 qualified and experienced IT Professionals
  • our wide-reaching relationships and own networks in the industry
  • strong third-party recommendations and referrals
  • proprietary job boards
  • head-hunting
  • advertising

Ensuring a Fit

It isn’t just technical acumen which makes a perfect candidate, however. We understand that there is much more to ensure a person is the right fit for a position in your company and we diligently interview every prospective candidate that we approach as we strive to ensure they will be happy in the role both professionally and personally.

We conduct rigorous checks, ensuring they are suitable and eligible to work as part of your team and take into account all local and international employment laws to prevent any issues.

It is our delight when candidates and clients have that perfect match - when one obtains her dream job and the other a dream employee. Happily, that happens with startling regularity!

Give our team a call and see how we can help you find the perfect employee to find a home with you.

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