Secret Santa

  • 2nd December 2020 11:18:20 AM

You'll likely be familiar with Secret Santa already - it's a great way to enjoy the Christmas Festivities without breaking anyone's bank account, but ensuring that everyone in the pool feels the joy!

Usually, the team at IDPP would all get together and give gifts in person. We get to see the reactions as our colleagues open knick knacks, desk ornaments, games and in some cases, slightly inappropriate items that cause a laughing reaction to roar across the office.

The year is 2020, and we've found ourselves unable to gather due to the risks associated with... COVID!

Bringing the team together for Christmas is, we feel, more important now than any year previously. We've built a culture of love and support to carry ourselves through this global pandemic, because we're aware of the risks of isolation, including loneliness and all the other factors that impact our mental health.

So we're doing Secret Santa a little differently this year, but we are doing it!

With our virtual Christmas event closing in, we'll be able to unwrap or unbox our gifts, just at a safe distance. What's important is that we still spread that Christmas joy, we'll let you know how it goes!