What's happening in telecoms? (Part 1)

  • 23rd October 2020 09:33:02 AM

What’s happening in the world of Vodafone and new innovations?


Having worked with various telecommunications companies over the years it’s been pretty insightful to see what is new and upcoming into the market place; this blog I will start off with looking at a number of new innovations taking place within Vodafone.

I must personally add that during the time of this Covid Pandemic we have been fortunate enough that most Network providers have been sensitive with their customers whether that be consumers or business to business.

Vodafone has been supporting its customers and the NHS in a number of ways during this time such as using the Covid app without eating in to your data allowance and also allowing you to make use of all the in-app features.

Vodafone have also seen a surge of traffic since the pandemic started and in order to manage the extra demands they had quickly increased the capacity to their broadband offering and extending WIFI calling to each and every customer.


So I guess you’re wondering what’s new and coming up?


Vodafone have been working behind the scenes with the Disney team and will be launching a new smart watch for children hopefully in time for Christmas 2020, both teams are working away to look at launching a range of products to improve everyday living and communication between parents and their children, so watch this space for what’s coming up!

5G Mobile Private Networks are a key concept for most network providers this year that said Vodafone are working with a whole host of companies to put into practice this concept.

In particular they are working with Centrica with their gas plants to create a fully connected digital ecosystem at one if its plants, this proposition will allow real-time in and outdoor monitoring of its pants allowing improved maintenance and safety.

Another customer they are working with is Ford. Ford intend to use this concept in their electric car plant the new MPN will provide faster and more accurate control of the vehicles and analysis of electrical vehicle manufacturing.


So as you can see lots going on in the world of Vodafone during Covid next we will look at Virgin and see what’s going on in their world!


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