Getting feedback from Trainees in remote/online sessions

  • 23rd April 2020 12:04:15 PM

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Online / Remote Trainers - looking for a quick bit of advice!


How do you overcome this issue...?


Given the #COVID19 circumstances, we at IDPP have taken advantage of the extra spare time we have to engage in some online #training.

In particular, I hold software training sessions online using Teams, where I share my screen and demonstrate best practice, tips and tricks, etc.

To save bandwidth and facilitate a smooth session, I ask everyone to turn their cameras off, and people usually mute themselves while I am speaking so there's no feedback/distractions etc. Of course, if someone has a question or comment, they just unmute themselves and stop me, which I very much welcome.

It can be difficult in these circumstances to assess energy levels (when to stop for a break) and confusion levels (in a F2F scenario, you can see if the content is going over peoples heads).


To make sure no one gets left behind, I frequently ask attendees:

  • If the content I am teaching has made sense
  • If it's useful
  • If anyone would like to revisit any of the content just covered in greater detail

I believe getting this type of real-time feedback is super important.

What I'm essentially relying on, is for everyone to tell me that everything is AY-OK! So they have to unmute, give a one-word answer, and re-mute themselves.


My question is this - is there a better way I could be judging the effectiveness of the training, engagement levels, energy levels, and find the line between spending too much time on already understood concepts and not enough time on less understood/advanced concepts.


This is an important one for me - anyone that knows me or has been in my training sessions will know, efficiency is key and making progress is imperative - so all advice welcome!


Feel free to email me, message me, or to comment on LinkedIn


Thanks in Advance!

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