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  • August 10, 2018


Tips On Writing An Effective InMail Message


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     LinkedIn’s InMail messaging system is one of the easiest to use and least misunderstood tools for recruiters from practically every industry and every country in the world. InMail messages are essentially private messages that enable LinkedIn users to contact other LinkedIn users without the need for an introduction or contact information. Recruiters can sent InMails directly from the search results in Recruiter.


     Now that we understand what InMails are, let’s take a look at some ways that we can improve our InMail skills and write more effective LinkedIn InMails.


Tips On Writing An Effective InMail Message


Make a Good Introduction- one thing that many recruiters often forget in their InMails is to introduce themselves. Think of an InMail as a social interaction and, just as you would in person, introduce yourself and tell them why you are messaging them.


Get the reader’s attention- in the subject line, you have an opportunity to grab the receiver’s attention and entice them to open the message. Use keywords that will get results.


Remember the goal of your InMail- your goal is to strike up a conversation with a potential and that’s it. Try to keep your InMails focused and direct, that way your message will be clearly understood and effective.


Be personable- let your personality show through in your InMail. Show them that you are approachable and that they are speaking to a human, not a bot. Don’t try to be overly funny in your LinkedIn InMails as this could come off as sounding like you aren’t serious about your job or about offering them a job.


Personalise Your InMail Message- your InMail should be as personal as possible so your potential candidate doesn’t feel as if the message is cold and generic. One tip to make this possible is to include something unique about the candidate in the message that you found on their profile page.


Close Strong- instead of ending your InMail with “Let me know if you are interested”, close with something much stronger and more presumptive. Your goal is to get a response and you want to avoid leaving the conversation open at the end. Close with something like “Are you available to take a call today at (insert time here)” and you will find that you will get much better results and more responses from potential candidates.


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