Tips for Working from Home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

  • 24th March 2020 09:55:36 AM

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During these uncertain times, when such unprecedented actions are being taken in order to protect not just the vulnerable members of our nation, but everyone as a whole, we've got some top tips to help maintain your mental health and avoid "Cabin Fever" until the disease passes.

**Adapted from an Internal Memo**

Keep up Communication

While we’re not working physically together, it’s so important to stay in regular contact with your colleagues/managers. It’s great to let people know of any successes that you may be having, as well as any issues – working together is always the best solution!


Keep Focussed

It can be easy to become distracted while working from home, but it is important to keep your mind focussed on work and staying productive. As part of this, make sure to log EVERYTHING on your systems! Even if there are quiet spells, these can be used to work on improving the systems that we have for the future, making sure everything is up-to-date, and also sorting out any admin you might have.


Distinguish between Work Time and Home Time

Try and set up an office space in your home – as part of this, it is a good idea  to not work from your bed if possible (I am guilty of this though). This helps our brain distinguish between when we are working, and when we can relax.


Take Normal Breaks

Make sure to take a lunch break – it is important for your productivity, but also your mental and physical health! It has the same benefits while working from home, as when you are working in an office environment.


Remember to Eat

This might sound silly, but it is easy to forget to eat normally when not working in your normal environment. However, now is the time to try and retain a healthy and nutritious diet! Again, this is beneficial for your physical and mental health, especially during a health crisis when it is so important to make sure we are healthy inside and outside.


Get Exercise

It is important to stay active if you are feeling well enough! While still able, this could be going outside of walk or run. If not, you can get a great workout in your home space as well – even if it is just walking around while on the phone etc.


Did we miss anything? Reach out to Steph with any top tips you've come up with, or let us know on LinkedIn or Twitter!


Keep safe everyone!