Not a Typical Recruitment Company...

  • October 09, 2019

Written by Ken Tao, Business Development Executive at IDPP


Having been with IDPP for coming up to 3 months, I feel that my time here has been nothing but enjoyable to say the least and everything I wanted in my new company has lived up to the expectation and more.

Having come from 2 years in the public sector recruitment space in a delivery focused role, with over a year and a half within a large corporate organisation, I was eager to step into a role which allowed me to manage the whole recruitment cycle. I had quite a few expectations for my next role, as I wanted my next role to perhaps be my lifetime organisation, so been to a few different interviews with recruitment companies.

What really stood out to me when I was contacted from someone at IDPP was the opportunity to build a brand-new desk in a market I was already familiar with accompanied by as much freedom and flexibility as I wanted in a matured environment. This was everything I was looking for, so I decided to meet the team.

From the beginning of the interview stages I met with the Business Director who was able to provide me a full scope of the role and more importantly the opportunities that is presented here within IDPP across the different markets and was so excited by everything that by the end of the interview, I was offered a role here - I happily accepted and cancelled my other interviews lined up.

Throughout the time I interviewed, offered, onboarded until my first day it has been a transparent, honest and fun experience to say the least. They were patience with me when I was working through my notice period and were a great friendly bunch as I met many members of the team before I even started, so by the time I started starting on my first day I already felt comfortable being in the office.

Now working at IDPP for the last three months I can say that it has been nothing but a pleasant surprise. It has been a supportive, collaborative and mature environment with a good vision that motivates me to work hard. I currently work with some amazing people who all have a unique style of recruitment which I am constantly learning from everyday and they are more than happy to share in my joys and help me out when I am facing any obstacles/troubles as you would in building a new recruitment desk! I am not new to the recruitment world but am learning so many things about recruitment that I almost feel like I am back to where I have started two years ago.

IDPP is not a typical recruitment company, as we truly put value in our people, our company our working environment which can mostly be summed up as “Freedom with Accountability”. We are constantly growing, adapting new technologies, getting onto major frameworks/ MSP’s/ Contracts and to say we are going to be a successful team the way it is going is nothing short of an expectation at this point.