Life at IDPP

Here at IDPP, we are 'people' people, and this is one of the criteria we look for in those who join our teams, whether that be in London or Chester.

Our London Office hosts our Business Development teams, resourcers, and 360 Recruitment Consultants. Our Chester Office brims with resourcing talent, and colletively we have hundred of years of experience.

We don't believe in micromanagement, and prefer to provide our consultants with the freedom to drive their own business, and run their own desks. That being said, we know that support and training is key to success, and have work hard to provide an environment where barriers can be overcome, making success inevitable.

Enjoy the Working Day

Day to day life at IDPP isn’t all sales, however - part of having the finest team of dedicated and happy recruitment consultants is down to the healthy, fun and relaxed atmosphere we maintain. For the many who maintain their good health by cycling or running to work we have dedicated shower facilities and on-site bike storage - there’s even fresh fruit to eat once you get here!

We love letting our hair down and rewarding good work with weekly treats and freebies. Success is achieved through behaviour and the way we interact with others - an ethos which has proven accurate consistently as we solidify our position as a market leader both at home and abroad.

Rather than focusing heavily on performance related factors, we concentrate on positivity and good attitude and reward those accordingly to create a company and working environment that knows how to have fun while always getting the job done.



Work/Life Balance

The success of IDPP is due to our high-standards of client interaction - understanding the needs of the client or candidate and building a strong personal relationship with them that lasts for years. Of course, to do that, we need to have employees that are happy, understanding and enjoy building strong relationships.

Working at IDPP means working in a team that has a genuine desire for you enjoy your working life. We believe in working together, investing time and energy to help you become the very best - after all, by helping you achieve your own personal success, we improve as a team and our success continues.

Do the cliches apply to us?

"Work hard, play hard" - Sure!
"Rise by lifting others" - Absolutely!
"Experts at we do" - No doubt

We meet as a company once each quarter, when our colleagues in Chester hop on the train and stay in London for a few days. We discuss company wide successes, barriers, and identify the direction we want to take the company - as a team - over the next quarter.

We're data focused, and this comes from an understanding of how data quality is superior to data quantity. To this end, we have a dedicated inhouse specialist Operations Manager to provide tools and up-to-date technology, including a clean and useable internal database that integrates with other platforms we have on offer.

Data has to come from somewhere though, so we'll provide tools such as Job Board licenses, a LinkedIn Recruiter License. job postings across various services, marketing material, Video Interviewing technology, and all the hardware you need to really make the best of these tools.


Individually, we work hard, because we understand that you reap what you sow.

Collectively, we are supported by one another, because we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.

We believe in freedom with accountability, and we believe in sharing success.

If you really want to know what life at IDPP is like, check out our staff testimonials on LinkedIn.




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