Job Description

Who we're looking for:

We're looking for a passionate Front End React engineer, preferably with an Asset Management/Financial Services based background, to work within our Customers Front Office Multi Asset Technology team. The team develop and support a technology platform used by the Multi Asset business to manage ~£100bn.

The team:

You will work in small Agile development team within our customers Front Office Technology Department. Gathering, understanding and providing Technology solutions for an iterative and fast-moving environment.

What you'll do:

  • Build highly responsive UI components using React and Redux
  • Produce high quality testable software
  • Longer term aim of cross training our developers in these technologies
  • Be part of a business facing team with a high visibility
  • Deliver a first technology platform to support investment decision making and quantitative research
  • Refine the existing investment and research platform in response to business needs

The knowledge, experience and qualifications you need:

  • Expertise in building Front End Single Page Applications with React and Redux
  • Experience and good knowledge of common React libraries (Redux, react Router etc)
  • Good knowledge and handling of common React patterns (HOC, render props, Provider pattern, Container/Presentational components etc)
  • Knowledge of common React principles (immutability, pure functions, functional/class components, pure components, change detection etc)
  • Extensive knowledge of Javascript (ES5 spec and up). Eg: js primitives vs objects, scopes in js, understanding of closures, function binding etc.
  • General knowledge of common challenges in Front End development (eg: browser behaviour and limitations, Front End application optimisations, etc)
  • Advocate of general engineering best practices (eg: domain driven code architecture, encapsulation, separation of concerns, single responsibility, clean code practices etc)
  • Knowledge of common design patterns (eg: pubsub, module pattern, dependency injection etc)
  • Awareness of common Front End styling paradigms (eg: CSS modules, CSS in js) Knowledge of general Front End tooling (particularily Nodejs and npm)
  • Experience with structuring and writing unit tests
  • Experience with setting up and writing end to end tests

The knowledge, experience and qualifications that will help:

  • Experience and interest in RxJS
  • Experience with Cypress
  • Experience with ag-Grid
  • Experience in working with large data sets
  • Experience with material ui
  • Familiarity with react hooks

Please attach your CV for consideration.