Interim Specialists

Slotting into an existing project, taking over from someone and smoothly taking that project to the next stage, specialist interim contractors are used to working in demanding and time-sensitive environments. They hit the ground running, and work with confidence, bringing the project to fruition or preparing the way for the next stage.

Expertise When It's Needed

At IDPP, we understand the need for expertise placed on a temporary basis, whether it is to cover absence of a senior team member, identifying and resolving a chaotic problem, or for a short-term complex project which moves your business to the next level. We have the right people, ready at short notice to join you and bring their considerable talent to your business.

With a focus to challenging environments, our interim contractors are highly-skilled, results-focused individuals with a keen understanding of tight deadlines. IDPP use our expertise to match the right candidate to your role, whether it is for smooth operational management during a period of staff absence, or development of a new stage of the business through growth.

The Finest Talent

Our candidate pool includes many top associates, from experts in territory development or crisis management to “Big4” consultants with a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisition.

Flexible contracts mean they can be brought in to add their skills to projects as short as a single day, or for several months on fixed-length contracts -

Give our office a call to find out how we can help find the perfect specialist for you.

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