Why Choose IDPP?

So many recruitment agencies see only the numbers – attempting to match potential candidates with roles through a faceless portal which results in lost opportunities, poor communication and an overall feeling of pointlessness.

IDPP is about people. When you come to us, you initiate a personal relationship where we will be with you for every step you take into your new role. Working at the higher-end of the IT and Telecoms markets we take our time to get to know you, to find jobs that will benefit your lifestyle and not just provide a ‘fair market salary’. We are here to push you to exciting new opportunities on the road to the dream job.

Just as we understand your personal professionalism in your field, we are professional in our commitment to recruitment. We will give you advice and feedback as it is needed, and will continuously search to find you the role that you deserve.

Maintaining a Personal Touch

Even once placed in a position, we continue our relationship – ensuring your happiness or working with you to improve your career. We take your experiences and help you build on them to present you to a worldwide market as you should be seen – a knowledgeable professional with specific and unique expertise.

With our unique system for operation across vertical markets and personal relationships with the top technology businesses worldwide, we are alone in the recruitment industry at providing the best opportunities for our candidates.

So, if you are looking for a role, contract or permanent, in the IT, telecoms, software or business solutions markets, look to IDPP first. 


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