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Creating Customer Value

Learn how we can help you to create value in your business by offering you the right combination of IT & Telecoms Fixed Price Work Package and Contingency Permanent and Contract recruitment solutions to deliver your project needs and make your business stronger. Our solutions are developed and delivered totally in-house and are, therefore, not only customisable and scalable to meet your needs, but also extremely cost-effective with no other third-party margin-on-margin costs.

Please …. Let’s sit down and talk about you and what you need from us.



IDPP has been established for over 20 years, and during that time have become experts in the IT and Telecoms industries supporting customers with many bespoke services. Initially providing only contingency resources, IDPP began to reinvent itself some 5 years ago by moving into the services arena with the provision of fixed price projects and work package solutions. In 2021, we expect the project-based side of IDPP to represent over 50% of our business with over £12m of successfully delivered projects during the year.

A brief synopsis of our current client services includes:-

  • Fixed Priced Project & Work Packages
  • Managed Services
  • Contractor Consolidation
  • Contingent Work Force Supply
  • Permanent  Resource Solutions.

IDPP leverages its extensive global network/ on the bench resource and experience and specialises in sourcing not only the best talent but also the best solutions for its customers.

IDPP has 3 offices in the UK; London St James Park, Chester, and Swindon, we also have an entity in Spain to support our European reach.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, they rely on us for a reliable, fast, secure, and professional end to end service.

Unlike many of our competitors, IDPP’s roots in conventional recruitment services enabled it to develop, over many years, not only the ability to attract the best talent but also a substantial pool of some 30,000 professionals with skills ranging across all its different industry sectors.

This, coupled with its bench of some 2,000+ experts who have all previously worked for IDPP enabling IDPP to offer the most varied and cost-effective solutions to any of our customer requirements – whether the project, work package, or contingency based on a one-stop-shop basis.

IDPP offers a fully professional managed service, providing its customers with access to a strong technical delivery solution at your fingertips. When customers face IT challenges we are here to take ownership. Whether it be supporting customers remotely or on-site, IDPP has an established reputation in delivering key programs including complex systems integrations. IDPP takes end-to-end ownership; including hiring & vetting qualified IT support resources.



Managed Service work Package solutions within Telco domain

  • Cyber Security
  • Core Networks
  • Fixed line
  • Digital/ Cloud
  • IoT

Managed and fixed price services in E-commerce

  • Upgrades/ data warehousing
  • Backend DevOps/ Testing
  • Security
  • Digital/ Cloud
  • Order Manager (Aptos upgrades- Finance)

Managed Services within the Legal domain

  • Deployment office 365
  • Security
  • AV (Video conferencing)
  • Checkpoints, Palo outo, crow strike, VMware, Cisco

Managed Services within the Finance domain

  • Mobile Gateway
  • Regional clearing and settlements (RC&S)
  • UI/ UX Design and Development
  • Testing & Integration


Discover our full-service solutions — perfect for complete managed IT services or we can set up bespoke services dependent upon your business needs.

  • IT Desktop Support
  • Network And Infrastructure
  • On-Site IT Support
  • Business change and Transformation Delivery
  • IT Service Transition
  • Service Management
  • Architecture and Design
  • Service Design and Business Analyst
  • Security and Cyber
  • Project Management and Delivery


  • Fixed price delivery outcomes based
  • Time management
  • Measured milestones
  • Supports CAPEX and OPEX challenges
  • Avoids any headcount challenges
  • Access to a wide spread of services
  • Resource Management conducted by IDPP
  • Dedicated Account Management teams support
  • Clear escalation paths

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