IDPP supplies IT and IT Security contract resources within any application and technology almost anywhere in the world.  Whether you require a single person for a day or a team of people for several years, we provide solutions that meet your technical, logistical and financial parameters.

Contractors are provided on either a “Time and Materials” or “Deliverables” based contract.  We are able to provide tax efficient solutions and arrangements that are both tax and fiscally compliant throughout the world.

All of the candidates will have been selected, assessed and vetted technically, personally and financially in accordance with our standard strict procedures and the specific requirements received from you.  Throughout the course of the assignment, we will keep maintain control of the entire process to ensure that our candidates continue to meet all of your requirements and continue to contribute to your end goal.

Our candidates are supported by us throughout the term of the assignment with regular contact and advice, and most importantly, from their point of view, timely and correct payment of their fees.