Professional Services

IDPP can deliver all of the contingent contract resources required for any project.  Selecting IDPP as a project resource partner means that all contract resources will be assessed against the same technical, behavioural and budget criteria to ensure that the client engages resources of a consistently high standard.

IDPP can include within this service full on-boarding and contractor support throughout the duration of the project.  We can manage changes to project headcount and work with the client to ensure contractor performance levels are in step with the project plan and even align deliverables to contractors’ contracts.

The net benefit for the client is the provision of significantly more time to focus on the core project requirements and tighter control of project costs and performance.  Taking a proactive approach to project resourcing also means that the client is guaranteed high quality resources, when required, mitigating project delays caused by skills gaps.

Moving beyond the delivery of managed project teams, we are able to deliver complete projects.