Professional Services

IDPP offers clients a credible option for the supply of professional services related to IT and business change activities.  We have over ten years’ experience of deploying an Associate based consulting model to deliver:-

This model enables us to engage in long term relationships with leading independent talent in the UK and EMEA, providing our clients with significant cost and operational flexibility advantages when procuring third party consultancy expertise.

Like for like, we are often able to provide expertise at 30-50% lower per day costs when compared to the traditional professional services model.

Examples of recent engagements include

We are also able to provide FIRM PRICE proposals for the delivery of project based requirements via a SOW.  In this model, we are able to deliver complete project requirements via project teams led by senior Associate consultants.

Managed Teams Project Management and Delivery
Leveraging the expertise of our Associate Consulting practice, we are able to deliver project based resourcing, technology and business change requirements.

This service provides options for clients to outsource all or part of a project or programme, from resourcing project teams through to delivery of the complete requirement.