International Employee Mobility

Rapidly accelerating globalisation is resulting in fewer geographical barriers in movement of goods, services and people.  People, though, are not commodities and to treat them as ‘boxes’ simply matching attributes to needs negates the important relocational aspects of deploying skills, and results in failure.

What our clients and candidates require – whether the assignment is a short term contract or permanent role – is a partner that understands both the ‘soft’ aspects of redeploying people in different countries, and addresses the “hard” fiscal and legal necessities.  This can include tax advice, housing/schooling, reference (including criminal) checks, transport, visa and employment, and security.  Effectively IDPP can provide a one-stop-shop to cover all of these key points.

We have been operating in international markets for over 30 years; here are just two of many examples:

North Africa Solution
The requirement was to select and operate a suitable legal and commercial employment solution for contract engineers working in Algeria.  Our telecoms client needed us to source a method of employing contractors in-country and providing a locally tax-compliant solution for locals and expatriates involving candidates already known to them and candidates sourced by IDPP.  This has been a successful relationship since 2010 and has provided a cost-effective and low-risk method of deploying project skills on a flexible basis, allowing our client’s operation to grow from 1-12 people in-country.

The requirement was to source a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a telecoms client moving into the Angolan market.  The solution needed to include all services required to move and deploy senior personnel in Luanda, including logistical support, business visa and work permit, relocation/property selection, international school sourcing, security advice and services, tax and social security registration, vehicle/driver provision, character vetting/checking.

Our network of partners allows bespoke commercial solutions to be deployed matching our clients’ exact needs.  Many of the services can be offered at cost as our fees would normally stem from the associated recruitment services used in sourcing and selecting the appropriate candidates.