Client Partner Services

As a result of consistently high quality service delivery in core recruitment areas, IDPP has developed from PSL supplier to key, strategic (RPO/Managed Service) supplier with many organisations.  As a strategic supplier, we deploy a range of flexible, intelligent resource management services that typically embrace a philosophy of proactive resource planning and fulfilment alongside the delivery of cost-efficient search, consulting and project management activities.  The approach enables the client to focus on their core activities whilst IDPP delivers on the resource plan and create significant reductions in the total cost of resourcing.

With some clients, the relationship extends beyond resource planning, delivery and management into business development and revenue generation.  This approach has enabled major IT hardware and services providers to transition successfully into selling consultancy services and in the process raise net margins.

IDPP has experts who design and manage RPO services for both permanent and contract markets.  On the contract side we have helped several clients transition from an inefficient and costly contingent contract model to an efficient and cost effective Associate based model that drives consistent quality and enables the client to resource plan from both their permanent resources and accredited, proven Associate resources managed by IDPP.

We are always open to discussing and designing innovative services and keen to accept accountability via risk/reward based commercial models.

Some of the areas that we can help with:-

Very few recruitment providers are prepared to be fully accountable for their services and really invest in their client relationships and their clients growth and change plans – at IDPP however, we are interested and we invest what’s required to achieve the required solution.